Samsung to Host ‘Premiere 2013’ Event in London on June 20

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Posted 4 years ago

Samsung to Host ‘Premiere 2013’ Event in London on June 20The Galaxy S4 may have only been with us for a month, but Samsung has never been one to rest on its laurels and is always looking to expand its range. A special event in London next month is likely to be where we see the product portfolio swell.

Samsung has already sent out invitations to the event at London’s Earls Court and announced the show in a tweet along with a picture that shows three close-up images of what are assumed to be new devices. The invites are for various media outlets; however, the show is to be shown in its entirety on the official Samsung Mobile YouTube Channel so no one misses out.

Other than the picture, Samsung is keeping its cards close to its chest in terms of details; what we do know though is that new gadgets debuting will be part of the Galaxy and ATIV ranges. Although it is purely speculation at this stage, the smart money would be on the Korean company showing off the Galaxy S4 Mini – a smaller, and less powerful, version of the flagship handset.

The S4 Mini has been strongly rumored for a launch anytime between now and the end of June, so the London event seems to make perfect sense. A Galaxy S4 Active (a ‘rugged’ version of the standard S4) could also be one of the devices on show, as might the rumored 16-MP Galaxy S4 Zoom with 10x optical zoom. A few people have also suggested that the Galaxy Note 3 could make its debut. I don’t believe this will happen, especially as Samsung themselves has previously said that the handset will follow the Note 2 in launching at the IFA event in Berlin later this year.

As far as the ATIV range goes (Samsung’s less popular range of Windows Phone devices), expect to see a smartphone to rival the best of what Nokia is offering, running the Windows Phone 8 OS.

– Anthony Carter

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