Samsung to Release Windows Phone: Nokia Should be Afraid

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Posted 5 years ago

Samsung have sprung a surprise this week by announcing plans to release a Windows 8 smartphone. According to Reuters, the brief and hurried announcement at a Berlin electronics show comes just days before Nokia launch their new Windows 8 Lumia range.

Just days after many people were suggesting that Nokia could be a winner in the Apple vs. Samsung legal battle, the Finnish multinational communications company could find themselves on the back foot once again.

Microsoft’s operating system has been Nokia’s only real hope of making a dent in the smartphone market in recent years, and the once all conquering cell-phone would have been hoping that their Windows 8 phone could have been released without too much in the way of competition – as least not initially anyway.

After Samsung, and their Android OS took a hammering to the tune of $1 billion, and are now facing the threat of having eight of their smartphones banned from sale in the US altogether, a range of Windows phones could be seen as a kind of insurance policy.

So why should Nokia scared of Samsung’s announcement? Well as Sid Parakh, an analyst at investment firm McAdams Wright Ragen says in the Reuters news article, “Microsoft or Windows never got their best teams, never got their best designs, just because Android was doing so well. With the change in the legal environment, there’s a case to be made that Samsung will likely shift some of those resources to broaden out or diversify their own exposure.”

With Android under pressure, Samsung may put a lot more focus into a line of Windows phones meaning Nokia will not only face competition in terms of sales, but from a company that is far more advanced in the smartphone market.

The Windows Phone blog reveals Samsung’s Windows phone is called the ATIV S and has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and an 8MP autofocus rear camera. These specs will probably mean that Nokia’s new device will be relying on a reported 40 or 20MP camera to really compete. Anything less will probably see the new Lumia lagging behind.

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