Samsung Will Patch A Major Security Vulnerability

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Posted 2 years ago


samsung-transIn order to protect their users from a serious security flaw, Samsung Electronics is poised to provide patches on all of their smartphones.

The vulnerability was detected within the Swift Key software on Samsung smartphones.

Specifically, it lies within the update process.

The SwiftKey keyboard software is used to predict emotions and words as one types.

The app can also be obtained from the Apple and Google online stores.

The security risk is present on close to 600 million of their smartphones, and even if the app isn’t used it’s still at play.

In an email on Thursday, the company detailed their plans to make upgrades to their Knox security software to address the problem.

Knox is available on all Samsung smartphones released since 2013 beginning with the S4.

The company had no immediate word on what it plans to do concerning devices older than the S4. The process is expected to take a few days to complete.

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