Samsung’s Smart Sports Glasses Versus Google Glass

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Posted 4 years ago


Samsung's Smart Sports Glasses Versus Google GlassWearable device technology’s latest news is that Samsung have come up in October with the registration for what appears to be  a pair of sports glasses.

When one looks closely at the schematic of said product one sees side buttons, translucent/see through, eyeglass frames and a front attachment bearing what is to hold a camera in it. Pairing with that is a smart phone that will act as the central control and be used to relay information. Additionally, there will be a set of two built-in headphones.

The headphones will allow the wearer of the glasses to take a phone call and enjoy music.

It is difficult to know what exactly will come from looking at a bare bones picture that served the purpose of securing the patent. It’s not known why (unlike Google Glass) there are wires on both sides of the glasses. The closest approximation has to be the Galaxy Gear smart watch that had high hopes with its 3-D glasses configuration. That project never got off the ground.

Google Glass is traversing its extended beta while Microsoft is gearing up for its own smart glasses.

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