Secure Messaging App Wickr Comes to Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Secure Messaging App Wickr Comes to AndroidWhile it is easy to have a chat on the internet via a smartphone these days, having a private conversation with a friend is not so straightforward. Instant messaging apps, social networks, and emails are all easy to access for governments and hackers, leaving users worried about the sort of information they share on a data connection. A new app by the name of Wickr aims to change all that though, by releasing its new snoop-proof Android app with the promise that it will keep your private chats private.

The start-up has already had some success with the app over on iOS and will be hoping to lure users away from the likes of WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger with its end-to-end encryption service.

“Wickr not only offers the most secure form of correspondence but also helps protect our users’ contacts as we anonymize this information before it leaves the senders phone,” said co-founder Robert Statica to NDTV.

“Wickr does not collect any personally identifiable information on users nor can we read any messages or contents sent through Wickr, therefore, no criminal or rogue government can take them from us.”

Wickr was originally released on iOS back in June 2012, since reporting “exponential growth.” The Android app works in exactly the same way as its iOS counterpart, which means users can send messages, images, videos, and audio clips that are designed to self-destruct after five days or less, leaving no trace of a conversation on your device.

“The release of Wickr Android for public beta comes at an important moment in history as this right to privacy is challenged by governments, corporations, lone criminals throughout the world,” Statica said.

“Bound by the strong belief that private correspondence is a universal human right, San Francisco-based Wickr aims to bring free private communication to users across the globe.”

As the company says, online privacy is a big talking point at the moment and with more people becoming more vocal about their rights to anonymity, apps like Wickr stand to benefit a greatly.

Wickr is available to download now for free from the Google Play Store.

– Anthony Carter

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