See Who’s Tracking You With New FireFox Addon Lightbeam

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Posted 4 years ago


See Who's Tracking You With New FireFox AddonCompanies monitor what a person does online. They do it for reasons of targeted advertising. They do it for market research. They do it for political campaigning. Now, the open-source group responsible for the Firefox Web Browser, preferred by many a user over Internet Explorer, has a new addon, called Lightbeam, to give users access to visualize in real time, who is getting to snoop on their user data; and how these plunderers do it.

Lightbeam will hopefully do a lot to empower consumers against the companies that want to monitor their activities, in their covert ways, to cash in on personal user data.

Lightbeam will show with graphics, the methods that are used to track online activity with the option of sharing this knowledge gained via a specialized database.

Rich Casale


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