Seesaw the iOS App That Lets Friends Help You Make Decisions

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Posted 5 years ago

Life is full of decisions. What outfit should I wear to work? Do I want salad or hamburgers for lunch? What film should I view at the theatre? These decisions are part of our everyday lives and sometimes a little help wouldn’t go amiss when making them. Fortunately, the guys behind social media marketing platform CoTweet feel the same way, and have launched Seesaw to ensure you never have to make another decision alone.

Created as an app that can help you stop deliberating over decisions, Seesaw was launched yesterday for the iPhone and lets users share photos of their choices, through either social media or text message, and receive valued opinions from friends. Think about going out shopping for a new shirt or dress to go clubbing in, wouldn’t it be nice to get the opinion of a friend on which item of clothing is better? Of course it would, and it is this type of everyday shopping experience that Seesaw is looking to capitalize on.

The decision making concept of the app isn’t anything particularly new, as apps like Thumb and Polar offer a similar service and have each grown into active communities; however, neither of these focus on the friends in the way that Seesaw does. Yes, you can throw the decision out publicly to “friends” and followers on Facebook and Twitter, but you can also choose to keep polls private so that just the valued opinion of real friends can be sought. You can also contribute your opinion to polls of others.

Formatting polls is really straightforward and the app makes it easy for people to vote, which they can do simply by tapping on the preferred picture. Also helpful is the fact that voters can leave comments – something that will prove vital in deciding on an outfit.

The men behind the app – Aaron Gotwalt, Jesse Engle, and Kyle Sollenberger – sold their former venture CoTweet to email service provider Exact Target back in 2010 and this latest project is the first time since then that the guys have worked together. Former investors of CoTweet including Freestyle Captial, Baseline Ventures, and First Round Capital, are all back on board for Seesaw and helped the app achieve $1.1 million in seed funding.

Seesaw is currently available to download free in the Apple App Store, but there is no word yet on a date for the Android version.

– Anthony Carter

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