“Serial Software Killer”, Snaps Irate Mac User

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Posted 4 years ago


"Serial Software Killer", Snaps Irate Mac UserAll it took was a free iWork upgrade to be removed as a feature from the desktop apps of Macintosh computers to catch the ire of consumers. The support forum became packed with complaints.

“Serial Software Killer” was the most irate comment of all. Others used a different tactic, and  listed what had been dropped by Apple from Pages, the word processing app. Pages tools that went missing in last week’s upgrade include facing pages, saving files in RTF format, endnotes, the outline view, non-contiguous text, advanced limitations in automating workflow through AppleScript, etc.

Apple had just released updates for iWork and for OS X, and promised that they would be free to new Mac buyers, as well as free upgrading of Numbers or Keynote.

The cockamamie excuse that is supposed to serve as an explanation isn’t sitting well with users: “One of the problems with never doing consumer research is that Apple has lost touch with how serious users actually use the product. Quite simply, I would never, ever, want to write a Pages document or a Keynote presentation on my phone. What might seem ‘super-cool’ to Apple dudes on campus in California is not very practical in the real world of making a living in London” – Luke Christian

With all this double-talk, no wonder why many will now turn to Microsoft Office, written by Apple’s staunch rival.

Rich Casale


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