Shazam iOS App Gets App Update

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Posted 4 years ago

Shazam iOS App Gets App UpdateShazam, the hugely popular music discovery and tagging service that has spawned many imitations, has updated its iOS app, introducing several new features.

The free app, as well as the $6.99 Shazam Encore and (Shazam) RED, are all benefiting from the roll out and the new features, the most notable of which is the addition of Twitter previews for shared music tags. This means that whenever a user tweets a song that they have tagged to their followers, those that see it in their timeline will be able to play previews directly inside the message. There will also be a link to iTunes within the tweet for users to purchase and download the song. The feature is made possible thanks to Twitter’s Player Card and works in much the same way as how YouTube videos can be viewed without having to leave a tweet.

In addition to this, Apple users will benefit from faster recognition and tagging, especially when using an iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 the company says.

Other new features that users can enjoy include improved music recognition in “difficult environments” and more dynamic explore charts that allow users to see what is hot in the last seven days. Finally, Shazam has added “new TV experiences” to the update, although no further information is available and there has been no announcement from the company to shed any light on what this feature will offer.

Each of the new (version 6.2.1) Shazam apps is available to download now from iTunes. For Google Play users, there will presumably be an update to follow, but there has been no word from Shazam on when this will be.

– Anthony Carter

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