Shoppers: Welcome To The Next Level of Instant Gratification

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Posted 4 years ago

Shoppers: Welcome To The Next Level of Instant GratificationInstant Gratification is the buzz phrase right now. Witness EBay and Amazon initiating same-day service in a handful cities. Example 1: On Tuesday MasterCard is planning to announce their partnership with Conde Nast – the publisher of Vanity Fair, Wired, and other top-rated publications, in which digital readers will be allowed to instantly purchase items described in articles or showcased in advertisements simply by tapping a shopping cart icon appearing on the page.  Example 2: ShopThis is the name of the partnership in the tablet edition for November of Wired, available October 15th that will allow readers to buy article/advertisement items by simply tapping a shopping cart icon on the virtual page. Example 3: An online grocer, Peapod is all ready for that last bowl of cereal as your smartphone scans the bar code of the empty box as your new order of Lucky Charms goes straight to the virtual shopping basket.

Finally, Example 4: Most known to all and sundry would be Google with their Google Shopping Express who have made it possible by payment through Google Wallet, the company’s mobile payments system, to have deliveries show up at select Northern California area residents locales within hours of ordering products. Many local and national merchants, including Walgreens and Target are part of what is making many say – (a catchphrase nicked from an astute writer at The New York Times:) “All The World’s A Shopping Cart”.

Rich Casale


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