Sick of Cleaning Your Tablet or Smartphone Screen? Get Automee to Do It for You

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Posted 5 years ago

Despite the huge advances we have seen in smartphones and tablets in the last few years, the problem of dirty screens is one that simply refuses to go away. You can spend countless hours wiping your touchscreen with a microfiber cloth, only to find it covered in greasy fingerprints just a few seconds later. Well, if you’re tired of cleaning the screen on your tablet or smartphone, Takara Tomy has come up with the perfect solution: AutoMee S.

If you’ve ever been paranoid about robots taking over humans, the AutoMee S might well be the device to push you over the edge. This little gadget is a 2.75 screen cleaner that whizzes around your mobile device like a tiny little Roomba and leaves your screen polished to perfection – until the next time you use it that is.

With three wheels and an electronic brain to ensure that it doesn’t topple over the edge of the device when working, the AutoMee S uses a special cleaning paper to lift all of the filth off the screen. The palm-sized is able to clean a smartphone is four minutes and a tablet in eight minutes (can you wait that long?), and comes in four funky colours: white, blue, pink and orange.

A couple of things you should know before save up the ¥1,575 ($16.80) for you AutoMee: The Verge notes that Takara Tomy do not guarantee that the device won’t damage your device and even declines responsibility for damages to their software.

The AutoMee S certainly comes with the novelty factor, but I’m not sure many people will be buying this device with the intention of actually using it on a regular basis. That being said, my iPad screen could definitely do with a good clean.

You can see a video of the AutoMee S in action here.

– Anthony Carter

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