SimCity Update Brings An Offline Version Of City-Building Game

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Posted 4 years ago


SimCity Update Brings An Offline Version Of City-Building GameIt was once necessary for players of the city-building game, SimCity, to be online. Besieged by dalliances, before the 10th update, users had to fight to log in.

Testing needs to be completed though before the “all systems go” is given by creator Maxis (owned by Electronic Arts) who offered an apology as the company did not foresee, and could therefore not accommodate, the big response the game received with such a large contingent of  players queuing up to play.

Having the humility to admit that the launching was flawed; exactly it was said by the game officials to be “dumb”, a free game was made as the offer for all the trouble they put SimCity users through.

Maxis kept their chins held high, keeping upbeat and adjusting to the ever-changing, and oft unpredictable world of gaming: Patrick Buechner, who at Maxis is the general manager saying excitedly and optimistically “Let’s get right to it. SimCity offline is coming! I’ve wanted to say those words for quite some time. When we launch it, all of your previously downloaded content will be available to you anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. The offline mode is a real boon to the community…”

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