Simplenote Comes to Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Simplenote Comes to AndroidSimplenote, a note-taking app that (surprise, surprise) has been popular on iOS, is making the switch to Android.

There is no shortage of note taking apps available in the Google Play Store (Evernote and Google Keep being two of the better ones) so there has not been a high demand for Simplenote’s arrival, but its presence is welcome on Android, nonetheless.

WordPress owners Automattic acquired Simplenote earlier this year, who immediately promised to overhaul the iOS app and then expand the service to other platforms; the release of the Android app shows that they have remained true to their word.

Automattic says that the app comes to the Play Store and the Amazon Appstore with the “same focus on speed and efficiency as the existing iOS app” and the features are the same. The outstanding feature being the cross-platform synchronization, whereby users will be able to access their notes on all Android, iOS, Kindle and Web versions of the service. The Simplenote team also says that it is planning to launch a Mac version of the app in the near future.

Aesthetically, the app is in keeping with the Android theme and focusses on simplicity, allowing users to jot down thoughts and ideas without any unnecessarily distracting interface features. Notes can be tagged and “pinned” to the top of a list, with filtering based on tags and keywords. For some people Simplenote might be overly simple and it certainly isn’t as jazzy as Evernote, but it does exactly as its name suggests – lets you write notes simply; and does it well.

Simplenote is available to download free and new users can create an account directly from their smartphone or tablet, or begin using the app with no account, though access will be limited to one device only.

– Anthony Carter

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