Small Tablets: HOT – PCs And Desktops: NOT

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Posted 4 years ago


Small Tablets - Hot, PCs And Desktops - NotThe ol’ holiday season standby had been smartphones, but that is changing. Sure, shoppers are curious as to all the new ultra mobile gadgetry, yet they are doing much head scratching as the market gets more and more crowded each passing week.

Tablets 8 inches and smaller are popular, as desktops and notebooks may not be what is making the cash registers sing, with sales averages already having been correctly predicted as dropping by maybe as much as 11 percent; all this year.

The 11.2 downhill slide in worldwide shipments of notebooks and desktops took its plunge from 2012; 11.2 percent.  A caravan of 303 million having crossed the expanse of the global market.

Yet tablets are on fire.

42.7 percent was the surging amount in 2013 that is going, by its present hyper speeding amounts to easily reach 184 million, in no time flat. The tablets being less expensive but maintaining just the right proportions people want, may be why 47 percent of people surveyed who owned a tablet was found to be in possession of owning one with an 8 inch or less screen size.

Smartphones hot on the mid-tier shelf of the marketplace, in the world’s major metropolises, along with economically-priced Android phones in up-and-coming shopping meccas frame the current mobile tech trend.

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