Smartwatches Are Being Banned By Colleges Due To Cheating Fears

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Posted 2 years ago


Here's A Smartwatch That Can Use iOS And AndroidAs smartwatches gain more and more popularity, they’ve also crossed into other areas of life outside of communication and fitness purposes.

Sometimes, that crossover can lead to problems.

Especially as colleges are now finding that they’re being used to help students cheat on their exams.

To that end, colleges are now beginning to enact bans on wearable tech like the Apple Watch during tests and examinations.

One case where the push has begun in earnest against smartwatches is in Australia.

Two universities in particular, La Trobe University of Melbourne and the University of New South Wales in Sydney, have gone so far as to ask students to not only remove smartwatches but also to remove traditional wristwatches.

And as a final step, test administrators ask: “Watches of any kind must be placed in a clear resealable bag under your exam chair before the exam begins.”

In the United States, the wearable tech is also banned from ACT and SAT testing rooms along with other portable electronic devices.

Christopher A. Smith


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