Smellworthy Xbox One Prototype?

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Posted 4 years ago


Smellworthy Xbox One Prototype?“The smell of napalm in the morning”, the line made famous in the “Good Morning, Vietnam” movie could become a reality on Xbox. This is not what the manufacturers are saying, but rather what this writer’s imagination conjured up upon hearing the news:

Still in the initial stage, the Xbox One controller may yet let loose with smells, as one of these prototypes by Microsoft really does exist on the physical plane. At least according to the archives.

Surrounding the console with photographic images in the immediate area of the game’s controller may be amongst the archives, also. After all, $100 million was spent on Xbox developmental research.

Not willing to go into details, the general manager for accessories at Xbox, Zulfi Alam did lend credence to the smellworthy future of the game.

On Friday, due out is the latest Xbox One (November 22nd).

Rich Casale


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