Snapchat Doesn’t Want Facebook’s $3 Billion

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Posted 4 years ago


Snapchat Doesn't Want Facebook's $3 BillionAs disinterest in Facebook amongst the teen crowd continues, Facebook has stepped in to offer the Snapchat photo-messaging app fave $3 billion. Not exactly a paltry sum, yet the CEO of Snapchat, 23-year-old Evan Spiegel, has turned it down. Snapchat is HQed in Venice, California USA. China’s Tencent Holdings has made its investment offer to Snapshot that would value the 2-year-old company at $4 billion dollars.

Facebook has already got Instagram with the help of $1 billion dollars, last year. Instagram are a popular messaging app with capabilities to rival Snapchat. Instagram already has gone a long way towards making amends for teenagers who felt like mom and dad on Facebook, also, were a bummer; being at the same party they are, so to speak.

Facebook spokesperson Denise Horn said: “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation”.

When are we going to get a Facebook “hmm” button. Actually, the spokesperson above could simply have commented: “Hmm”.

Rich Casale