Snapchat Releases “Holiday Present” Update

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Posted 4 years ago


Snapchat Releases “Holiday Present” UpdateSnapchat has rolled out a significant update to its iOS and Android apps, bringing a range of new features to both platforms, including a selection of new filters and the ability to replay messages for a second time.

With Snapchat users likely to be using the services to send various Christmas-themed messages over the holiday season, company CEO Evan Speigel told The Verge that this was the perfect time to put out an update.

“We just decided as a holiday present to the Snapchat community that we would put out a couple things we thought were fun,” he said in an interview.

The update might be meant simply as a bonus to keep users interested until the next major release arrives, but the features here are every bit as good as any major effort.

The new replay option gives users the chance to view incoming messages one more time before they disappear. It is completely up to you when you give a message a second run through, but you only get to replay it once, so you’ll need to choose wisely.

New filter options can be selected by swiping left or right on a photo to see it in sepia, vintage, or black and white. There are also so-called “smart” overlays that record time, temperature, and speed.

Other goodies include a cool front-facing flash for better illumination on messages and the ability to choose a font for your message text.

If you’re already a Snapchat user, you can access the new features from the “Additional Services” option in the settings menu of the app. If not, version 6.1 is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

– Anthony Carter


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