Snapchat Shutterbugs Beware – Security Bugs Tap The App – Bye-Bye Billion Dollar Offers

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Posted 4 years ago


Snapchat Shutterbugs Beware -- Security Bugs Tap The App. And Bye-Bye Money!On November 14th, MateMedia reported “Snapchat Doesn’t Want Facebook’s $3 Billion“, and on November 15th MateMedia reported “Snapchat Not Caught By Google’s $4 Billion Bid“.

Snapchat were offered what are hardly paltry sums of cash by Facebook and Google. Snapchat turned ’em down.

That was then, this is now. There’s bigger fish to fry for Snapchat, these days.

So, CEO, 23-year-old Evan Spiegel and his Snapchat has got worries. (So do the users). More than a few. Two security issues have been brought to bear to the photography-centered social media app, Snapchat. Diligent work by surveillance researchers has uncovered the truth and a report published. This is a very serious matter.

Shutterbugs using Snapchat need to beware:

• Your most sensitive, personal user data can be accessed by a hacker, very easily. They can get your phone number! Like an open sore, the code for the malware is public. Spammers and stalkers can flourish. Stalkers can get to you by knowing the proximity of your location!

• With the code available to the public, false user accounts belonging to God-knows-who can be created. You could be interacting with the bad guys.

Snapchat are devilish for engaging with the big boys like Facebook and Google for the big money, knowing that they had such a secret. Snapchat has known about these security leaks for at least approximately 4 months. Snapchat can be perceived as grubby, and underhanded. Shady.

Going back to November again, Facebook had offered Snapchat $3 billion. It seemed miraculous, yet Facebook went nowhere with its own attempt at a messing app, called Poke. (Twitter, by the way, has not been able to separate microblogging from direct messaging, and as a result can’t come up with a messaging app, either). So acquiring Snapchat did seem a viable option to Facebook.

A look at the numbers and few quick facts:

Snapchat has been estimated as having roughly 25 million active users versus Facebook with their boast of 1 billion users. Snapchat is popular with teens. Teens like sending silly, often risque, photos. Unique as Snapchat may seem, it makes no money. CEO Spiegel should have  snapped up that Facebook or Google money.

But then Spiegel and crew would just be spreading the infection.

Rich Casale


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