Snapchat’s Live Stories Is Raking In The Dough

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Posted 2 years ago


Snapchat Removes Popular Feature After Discover Update - But Will Be BackSnapchat’s beefing up a fairly new feature in response to the rave reviews that it’s been receiving as well as the possibility of even more revenue.

The startup messaging app company released Live Stories last year, which is somewhat of a glimpse of live events like the Kentucky Derby captured in photo and video montages.

Snapchat is now adding more people to the team managing the feature, from 10 curators on staff to 40.

This is needed to satisfy the growing demand and viewer base it is achieving; one prime example was the Live Story covering the huge Coachella music festival in April, which attracted 40 million viewers.

Another point of appeal can be found in the money generated from clicks and views on advertisements.

The ads reportedly earn the company $400,000 for a story that garners 20 million views, with the rate being two cents charged for every view of a ten-second ad.

Ad placement within the story counts a great deal as there are four spots, and those towards the beginning of the story gain the higher amount of views.

Snapchat is hoping to get more sponsors to join in as the 2016 Presidential election campaign season charges ahead.

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