So What Do You Tiinkk Of This New Crowdsourcing App?

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Posted 4 years ago

So What Do You Tiinkk Of This New Crowdsourcing App?I’m wondering if the Australian startup that thought up this crowdsourcing app are having as much trouble spelling this app, Tiinkk, as I am? Nevertheless, the objective is to get the opinions of friends, family, fashion police, whatever, as you struggle to decide if you wanna buy the pretty red shoes with the gold clip or the pretty gold shoes with the red clip.

Options abound, as users can “tiinkk” about whether they want to leave a couple of pictures and a query up on the social networking platform from a few minutes to even a month.

iOS devices with at least iOS 6 will work with Tiinkk. But if you think you can use it on an Android device you’ll need to know that it took a little extra tiinkking, as the company says its on the way.

Rich Casale


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