Social Security Numbers Of Every Federal Employee Stolen In Recent Hack

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Posted 2 years ago


2000px-Simple_Monitor_Icon.svgIn the wake of the recent hacking attack on the servers of the Office of Personnel Management, the worst fears have been realized in the midst of the continued investigation of events.

A government employee source close to the investigation has revealed in reports that the cyberattack that took place in December resulted in the theft of the personnel data of every federal employee, including Social Security numbers.

The file packet itself contains up to 780 different pieces of information on every employee listed.

The OPM database doesn’t include the information of members of Congress and staff, however.

The union is upset with what they see as the Obama administration’s suppression of how serious the situation is. J.David Cox, president of the American Federation of Federal Employees, issued a letter on the matter to the head of the OPM.

In it, he expressed the union’s collective frustration that “very little substantive information has been shared with us, despite the fact that we represent more than 670,000 federal employees in departments and agencies throughout the executive branch.”

It has been speculated that China was behind the cyberattack, with Senator Harry Reid of Nevada mentioning “the Chinese” in discussing reasons for the attack on the Senate floor.

The Chinese government has sternly denied their involvement, and there is no official comment on that part of the matter by American officials.

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