Software Must Lead The Way For BlackBerry

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Posted 4 years ago

Software Must Lead The Way For BlackBerryBlackBerry sure knows who is paying their bills these days. It is not people buying their smartphones. Curiously, BlackBerry, these days, have been generating their revenue mostly from their enterprise clients. These enterprise clients use BlackBerry’s services for management and security of mobile devices and their applications.

Half of the company’s revenue, in it’s most recent quarter, came from it’s Services division. In this time period, sales of BlackBerry’s smartphones declined significantly. Server 10 hardware that enterprises install and maintain is served by Blackberry. Hardware, though, of any kind may not be a tenable solution for BlackBerry as the company trudges forward.

BlackBerry’s future, if there is one that is, is going to be in software for the enterprise.

BlackBerry is looking at their options which include vague notions that it can turn its BlackBerry (BBM) service into a powerhouse messaging service living on iPhones and Androids. Feasibly, being their next great revenue driver may not be such a great idea with the current messaging ecosystem being crowded and repetitive. Google, Apple, Microsoft, and even Facebook have their own messaging services. Even growing third parties like WhatsApp are now popular and making money across the world.

BlackBerry is looking toward a cloud-based enterprise mobility management solution where there is no hardware to install and maintain. Interested corporation will have the opportunity to register to the service and run it.

By the end of November the service is expected to be available.

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