Sony Announce Flagship Xperia Z Smartphone

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Posted 5 years ago

CES promises a lot this year and yesterday brought us our first big announcement on the smartphone front, as Sony showed off its brand-new flagship Xperia Z.

Last week, I wrote a post on smartphones to look forward to in 2013 and the Xperia Z was on the list – I am pleased to say that its inclusion was entirely justified. A new handset from Sony has been rumored for some time, and specs of Xperia Z (originally known as the Sony Yuga) have been filtering out from various sources over the past couple of months. We knew that it would come with a 5-inch display and 2GB RAM; a 13-MP camera was also expected, but at their CES press conference, Sony showed us exactly why this phone is a firm challenger to the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 – a feat that the Japanese company has so far failed to achieve with previous smartphones.

“With Xperia Z, we are bringing over half a century of innovation in TV, imaging, music, film and gaming to create a superphone experience that truly stands out,” said Sony Mobile Communication’s President and CEO Kuni Suzuki. “With great specifications, Sony’s media applications, One-touch functions and outstanding battery life, Xperia Z is well positioned for leadership in the smartphone market.”

Spec’d to impress

The Xperia Z is a beast of a phone that comes packing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 1.5 GHz S4 Pro processor; 2GB RAM, and has 4G LTE connectivity. The expansive 5-inch screen is a thing of beauty, offering full 1080p HD resolution, while the 13-MP camera is every bit as good as you would expect.

The new flagship phone is also a winner in the design department: just 7.9mm thick, with a chassis that is sandwiched in between two layers of Dragontrail Glass – purported to be some six times stronger than Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2. Sony has also built the phone to be dust and water resistant, meaning it does not have to leave your side when you take a bath!

The Xperia Z was widely expected to launch with Android 4.2, but it has instead confirmed that the phone will run 4.1 Jelly Bean, with an upgrade rolled out “shortly after launch.”

Sony has revealed that the Xperia Z will begin a global rollout in the first quarter of this year, although there is no word on price as yet. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, this is one phone well worth holding out for.

Know Your Mobile has posted a hands-on video of the new Sony device on their YouTube channel. You can check it out here.

– Anthony Carter

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