Sony PlayStation App to Launch in Mid-November

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Posted 4 years ago


Sony PlayStation App to Launch in Mid-NovemberThe lead up to the holiday season is always an exciting one for gamers, with an array of new games released just in time for the Christmas list. This festive period will be even more exciting than ever, though, as both Sony and Microsoft launch their much-anticipated consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In conjunction with its latest generation PlayStation, Sony has announced a now-obligatory mobile tie-in will be released on both Android and iOS on November 13.

The app can be used on both smartphones and tablets, offering a second-screen gaming experience to rival that of Microsoft’s SmartGlass technology.

Rumors of the console companion first surfaced when Sony unveiled its new console earlier this year, and there was talk of allowing users to start, pause, and even continue games via a mobile device through a feature known as “Remote Play”. The actual version of the app, however – which was seen at the Tokyo Game Show – seems to be more conservative and probably more practical.

Not all PlayStation 4 games will have the ability to be paired with a mobile device, but a feature of the new console named “The Playroom” will let users immerse themselves with the small screen experience by drawing images on their devices and viewing them as 3D iterations within a game. Also included, of course, will be social networking features, offering the chance to watch and interact with friends as you play.

So long as both console and mobile device are using the same Wi-Fi network, the Android and iOS apps will have the ability to be used as a keyboard to interact with game content. This will rule out the need for a separate keyboard or awkwardly using the controller to type and will surely improve the web experience on apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

Check out your respective app store on November 13 to download the app.

– Anthony Carter


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