Sony Rolls Out “my Xperia” Tracking Service for 2012/2013 Mobiles

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Posted 4 years ago

Sony Rolls Out “my Xperia” Tracking Service for 2012/2013 MobilesSony announced yesterday that it would be rolling out its new “my Xperia” remote security service globally over the coming weeks.

Having released a beta version of the software in Nordic countries earlier this year, Sony says that the testing has finished, with opinions taken on board and the necessary tweaks carried out. This means that the service can begin a full-scale launch for all 2012 and 2013 Xperia devices.

“my Xperia” will allow users to remotely locate, wipe, and lock their Xperia smartphone, should it ever be lost or stolen and end up in the wrong hands. It is a service that all smartphone owners are keen to have access to and one that many of Sony’s competitors already offer their own users. There are several third-party apps in Google Play that offer this kind of service, but an offering from Sony themselves is sure to be preferred by users of Xperia phones

The new app will be activated in the settings of the user’s particular Xperia device and accessed by using Google login credentials to sign in to Here users will be able to navigate the central interface to locate their smartphone on a map, lock the device, and ping a message displaying contact details, sound an alert to get someone’s attention, and erase internal and external data.

“We recognized that your smartphone is equally important as your wallet or keys (some might argue *more*), but also just as easily lost…”Sony said on its blog on Thursday.

It is always a good idea to have security measures in place to safeguard against an unfortunate event, and “my Xperia” will provide the peace of mind that your data is safe if ever you precious Xperia was lost or stolen.

Sony says that the availability and timing of “my Xperia” will depend on model, market and carrier.

– Anthony Carter

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