South Korea Takes $2 Million Prize For Robot Development

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Posted 2 years ago

South KoHR

Chinese Firm Replaces 90 Percent Of Its Staff With RobotsIn a global competition held this past Saturday, robotics designers from South Korea turned in an entry that nabbed them the top prize of 2 million dollars.

The competition, which took place in Pomona, California, had a field of twenty-five roboticists from both the university level and the corporate world involved.

It was created in part by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in 2012 and inspired by the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan.

The winning robot was helmed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Techonology.

The events were held on four separate areas outside of the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds allowing for many attendees to observe the robots’ progress against each other.

Sometimes that was laborious in itself; the first robot to complete the first course on Friday to begin the event took seven hours to do so.

As much as robotics has seen in terms of innovation and development – many were outfitted with sensors and could be operated via remote control from a staging garage area nearby – the robots themselves were not entirely as sleek as those found in pop-culture science fiction movies and television shows.

The winning robot however, a product of the Hubo family of humanoid robots developed in South Korea, caught the eyes of many with its ability to walk as well as kneel and drive on wheels.

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