Spotify Expands Into Streaming Video Content

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Posted 2 years ago


Spotify Goes Live Today On Sony's PS4 and PS3Spotify has re-fortified its services for customers in a major way, ensuring that the streaming music service wars will remain heated for some time.

At a special news conference held Wednesday in New York City, Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek introduced these new additions to the streaming music platform.

The most prominent addition? Video content and podcasts.

The content will be provided from a diverse group of sources that include National Public Radio, BBC News, Conde Nast Entertainment, NBC and MTV.

There is also a feature that will allow Spotify to suggest videos and podcasts to listen to based on prior selections.

Another notable content feature will involve streaming radio shows hosted by music artists like Tyler The Creator.

Spotify has also enabled the service to select and play songs based on one’s activities throughout the day, even to the point where there is now a ‘running mode’ available.

All one has to do is listen to Spotify while running or jogging and it will interpret your pace through the sensors of your smartphone and play music to match it.

The press conference also featured performances by D’Angelo and Questlove, as well as an appearance by DJ Tiesto who is one of the artists Spotify is working with to produce new musical compositions.

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