Spotify Now A Free Mobile App

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Posted 4 years ago


Spotify Now A Free Mobile AppAndroid and iOS smartphone and tablet users will for free be able to use the Spotify app.

The spotlight was on Spotify CEO Daniel Ek as he delivered the app’s significant change of direction, wisely, in person in the metropolis that is New York City USA today — December 11th 2013 — as discussed in our recent post.

Without a free mobile app, Spotify were blocking their own forward progression as the potent music streaming service that they are. The “Shuffle Play” button must be employed, unlike the personal computer/PC method that was previously the only way for Spotify to be had. This necessitates a shuffling through the playlist, instead of getting to the song right away.

What drew a few smiles among the tie-shirted and pantsuit-clad crowd’s weekend warriors in attendance was the gala announcement that an exclusive feature of Spotify only would be that the service will carry the iconic heavy rockers’ Led Zeppelin’s full catalog.

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