Sprint? Nothing Good In Life Is FreedomPop

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Posted 4 years ago


Sprint? Nothing Good In Life Is FreedomPopFreedomPop whose faux-freemium phone service debuted well over 6 weeks ago,  as of this day will be carried by Sprint. Do you have a phone that is free and clear of a contract?

Don’t do it.

The service called FreedomPop, with its Voice Internet Position and Internet Position-messaging in beta is a complete crock. Don’t let the hundreds of thousands of, what are hoped to be light phone users, on the waiting list nor the amazing specifics of FreedomPop tease you or get you to believe that you have found the answer to your endless search for a non-spectral, decent and affordable phone plan.

FreedomPop uses a lot of verbiage yet through keen enlightenment I can tell you what should be the new tagline, irregardless of the carrier: “Nothing Good In Life Is FreedomPop”.

Rich Casale


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