Sprint Pulls The Plug On “One Up” Plan

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Posted 4 years ago


Sprint Pulls The Plug On "One Up" PlanThe Family plan is nowhere near being a patch on One Up, which was a 4-month old, though very popular special upgrade offer plan that Sprint just abruptly pulled the plug on. No explanations have been given excepting the Sprint sales representatives’ offering a cruddy option to it.

Back in September of 2013, Sprint let subscribers upgrade their phones, for a price called One Up, right smack in the middle of their contracts. With no down payment, a discounted plan, and no additional monthly fees, the plan let users get a whole new smartphone. Every 12 months the customer could then choose to upgrade their device.

The One Up price cost the subscriber approximately half of the cost of a new phone, come upgrade time.

One Up has up and disappeared into thin air.

Rich Casale


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