Starbucks Lax M-Commerce Security, No One’s Cup-O-Joe

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Posted 4 years ago


Starbucks Lax M-Commerce Security, No One's Cup-O-JoeM-payments are a hot topic these days. A business like Starbucks may be a coffee emporium and its brand affixed to many products bearing its name these days in retail and online outlets, but it is also bank-like to run things with m-commerce. With bank-like, however, comes similar secure procedure, or at least some modicum of precise and safe measures to be undertaken.

Starbucks’ mobile payment app has come under fire, of late though, storing usernames, email addresses that are encrypted with user passwords and the geographical location of the user — all part and parcel to how Starbucks operates.

“The credentials were stored in such a way that anyone with access to the phone can see the passwords and usernames by connecting the phone to a PC”, Evan Schuman reports.

Two nails in the coffin, so the speak, for Starbucks m-commerce are the following hard realities. And the coffee giant was alerted to the situation approximately 60 days ago:

1. Starbucks has confirmed what they are doing, to ComputerWorld. Yet Starbucks don’t want to be harangued with security concerns by concerned parties.

2. Security researcher, Daniel Wood has published online this information. To reiterate, Starbucks are staunchly not buying into any wrongdoing on their part.

3. Starbucks have 7 million out of 7.5 million, the research firm Berg contends, as the statistic of those who are paying with their phone for retail physical goods. That adds up in anyone’s book as the lion’s share in m-commerce.

4. Starbucks sees it share of celebrity clientele stop in. Starbucks even have their own record label, and anyone can buy a compact disc along with their coffee/snack — or at least peruse the small clatch of albums as they order. Famous ex-Beatle Paul McCartney was the first artist to be signed on the Starbucks record label. Don’t you think hackers and worse yet, stalkers would find data about him endearing?

I really don’t mind paying through the nose for a good cup of coffee, which Starbucks provides. Now hold your fire. Please don’t get me wrong as I like the whole Starbucks experience, so this is not the best of news for me to swallow, albeit my coffee of the day is a la  Panera Bread where I am set up today.

Though, I have made a mental note to pay for my next cups of coffee at Starbucks in cold hard cash, whenever that may be.

Rich Casale


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