State Department Computer Glitch Holds Up Visa Application Processing

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Posted 2 years ago


2000px-Simple_Monitor_Icon.svgTravelers around the globe have been left stranded due to a sustained computer glitch that is unresolved, according to a press statement issued by the U.S. State Department.

The statement, released on Monday, revealed that the computer issue was related to biometric data and a hardware glitch.

As a result, officials couldn’t process fingerprint checks and transmit them.

They were also unable to process photographs for background security checks.

It has been determined that there was no malicious intent behind the glitch, and that it was not linked to a shutdown caused by software last year.

The delay is expected to last into next week. Department spokesperson John Kirby said, “More than 100 computer experts from both the private and public sectors across the United States are working on this.”

The State Department did manage to issue 1,500 priority visas for humanitarian purposes along with over 1,000 temporary visas for Mexican farm workers.

But they were among the lucky ones – many more are left to wait while the situation gets resolved.

The United States reportedly receives 50,000 visa applications daily.

Among the affected was the world-renowned musician from Nigeria, King Sunny Ade who was forced to abandon a planned tour of the States.

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