Streamnation Movie Sharing

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Posted 4 years ago


Streamnation Movie SharingFor compiling and streaming your videos and photos, it seems that it just don’t get better than Streamnation (ex – Stream Nation). Streamnation has started letting users share TV shows and movies (which first have to be ripped to the computer and afterwards uploaded to the cloud). Sharing movies with friends? This sure sounds pretty good.

Let’s look at how this “sharing”works: First a video has to be uploaded and then the option is made to add friends. These friends can then see the videos you have chosen to share with them in their library and then run them on their PC or iOS gadget.

“We’ve recreated physical borrowing in digital, with some restrictions” says Streamnation founder, of which the banner feature is properly referred to as  Streamnation 2.0.

Rich Casale


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