StubHub Adds Personalization Features To Updated Mobile App

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Posted 2 years ago


Stubhub Sues TicketmasterThe online ticket retailer StubHub is giving itself a makeover.

On Wednesday, StubHub unveiled a revamping of its mobile app to include features that offer users more of a personalized feel when utilizing it.

The change comes as part of a dedicated strategy to become just more than a portal for those looking to buy tickets for sporting events and concerts from the online marketplace.

Most users already have an idea what events and games they’d be interested in attending once they visit StubHub, which means less sustained traffic.

Facing competition from similar sites and others like Craigslist that can do the same thing, StubHub’s aim according to Parag Vaish, head of their mobile department and director of public management says, “I hope that people look to StubHub for the place to start looking for what to do this weekend.”

The new changes include the chance to listen to song snippets in iTunes, reading articles, and getting game statistics from ESPN, and even getting restaurant and bar suggestions from Yelp.

The new modifications to the StubHub app will be in effect for both Android and iOS users in the U.S., United Kingdom and Canada with the desktop website slated to incorporate them in the next three months.

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