Super-Reporter Segura Busts Netflix Tech Support Scam Scheme

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Posted 3 years ago


Super-Reporter Segura Busts Netflix Tech Support Scam SchemeThere is a man named Jerome Segura, and for a year, he has been ratting out scams that tech support teams purport. He writes them in detail.

Netflix would suspend accounts and then goad the user with a “discount coupon.” Segura details the slick Netflix fix this way: “Requesting a photo ID, as well as a snapshot of my credit card, was completely novel too. Despite being untrustworthy ones, it is ironic they are trying to make sure the mark is not playing them. Aside from the fact that it is creepy, it creates a huge identity theft risk.”

The scammers were tracked back to India but knew the English language well. The United States is the target nation and Segura could only say that it is “most likely” affecting other countries.

– Rich Casale


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