SURVEY: Apple Beats Google As Top Brand Name

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Posted 2 years ago


Los Angeles School District To Apple: Give Us Our Money Back!When it comes to brand names, it should be of no surprise that Apple is at the head of the pack in the eyes of many.

And thanks to the results of a recent survey, that statement has gotten more backing. 

The research firm Millward Brown issued the results of their survey devoted to global brands, and found Apple Inc. atop the ladder, displacing Google which was last year’s top brand.

The study covered 3 million companies from 50 nations, with tech companies snagging the top four positions. (Microsoft and IBM swapped the third and fourth spots, with the former gaining the higher position.)

Apple’s ranking was no doubt bolstered by innovative products and services launched in the past few months, with the Apple Watch and Apple Pay being forerunners along with the highly anticipated iPhone 6 release.

Another factor mentioned in the firm’s full report also cites their diligence in improving their pre-existing hardware and user interfaces.

The report also gives high praise to Microsoft for their revamped product releases and an bigger emphasis on cross-platform support.

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