SwiftKey Launches New App for iOS

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Posted 3 years ago


SwiftKey Launches New App for iOSSwiftKey, the company behind the insanely popular third-party keyboard for iOS, has launched a new app for iOS.

Before you get carried away thinking that Apple has suddenly open the doors to third-party keyboard developers, though, the app that is arriving on iOS is sadly not the mind-reading keyboard so adored by Google Play users, but a dedicated note-taking app that taps into Evernote’s service.

Called SwiftKey Note, the app allows users to quickly share and access notes with others and has been designed to match the simplistic elements of iOS 7. Crucially, though, SwiftKey Note brings with it some of the capabilities well known to Android users.

While the keyboard looks the same as the native Apple offering, it features auto-correction technology that learns the more you use it. It also introduces a row of suggested words above the keyboard itself to improve the user experience.

“We really wanted to bring the technology to iOS users. We were getting lots of requests from Apple users to build something for the iPhone,” Ruth Barnett, VP of global communications at SwiftKey told tech site Pocket-lint.

The note-taking app can be used with or without Evernote integration, providing options for users to send notes via email, save notes in notebooks, and categorize posts with tags.

SwiftKey chief marketing officer, John Braidwood, said, “With SwiftKey Note, we’ve worked closely with Apple and Evernote to bring all of the power of SwiftKey’s mind-reading prediction technology to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users everywhere.”

While it is only a partial integration of the SwiftKey keyboard on iOS, the app is a foot in the door and hints that we could well see SwiftKey delving deeper into the iOS operating system in the future – something which would, of course, come as great news to us all.

SwiftKey Note is available to download now, free, from the App Store.

– Anthony Carter


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