T-Mobile Boasts 1 Million New Customers

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Posted 4 years ago


T-Mobile Boasts 1 Million New CustomersT-Mobile leads the pack in phone customer additions, as their operation bulldozes along.

T-Mobile have added a total of 648,100 postpaid customers in this July-August-September 2013 period as part of a total of 1 million new customers netted. The postpaid customers are considered very reliable credit-wise.

T-Mobile revenue has seen a 37% rise to $6.69 billion dollars.

At a time when its larger competitors have been dropping off in the customer stakes, T-Mobile has seen substantial growth.

What is at the heart of this T-Mobile success story is the “Uncarrrier” option. Uncarrier: a no contract, early upgrade program with international data roaming free-of-charge that would later feature the offer of 200 megabytes of free data for tablets.

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