T-Mobile CEO, John Legere’s Get Out Of Jail Free Plan: Pay Switchers $650

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Posted 4 years ago


T-Mobile CEO, John Legere's Get Out Of Jail Free Plan: Pay Switchers $650First, buoyant T-Mobile CEO John Legere gets tossed out of an AT&T party unceremoniously, not-too-stunningly to know that he was not invited in the first place. Then, having escaped to his executive chair at T-Mobile HQ, John Legere comes up with a plan — that he related in a press conference — that nets those emigrating to T-Mobile from their wireless network $650.

It’s convoluted, Legere’s plan.

He goes into storybook land with a pitch that you get T-Mobile to cover your existing line’s ETF/Early Termination Fee , calling it “Get Out of Jail Free”.

Pass the aspirin.

Rich Casale


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