T-Mobile May Get iPhone 5 in Early 2013

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Posted 5 years ago

It seems like T-Mobile is never out of the news these days; first of all there was the talk of them being left off the list of carriers for the iPhone 5, then there was the rumored merger with rival MetroPCS, now the conversation has switched back to the iPhone.

Lest we forget that T-Mobile is the only major U.S. carrier not selling the iPhone 5 at the moment, but that may be about to change early next year, according to Nick Delfas, an analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Talking to CNET, Mr Delfas said that T-Mobile could “announce official iPhone distribution in early 2013.” No further details were provided in terms of a deal, but Delfas did add that any deal would add one or two million iPhone 5 customers in the first quarter alone.

T-Mobile is rightly bitter about never being able to sell iPhones, and early this year TechRadar revealed that employees were being trained to sell against the Apple devices. At the same time though, the company have been working hard to improve their 4G LTE, investing $4 billion dollars in the iPhone-compatible network. The plans to merger with MetroPCS – a carrier that is also growing their 4G LTE network – is further evidence of T-Mobile’s intention to cater for the iPhone 5.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that T-Mobile had begun selling nanoSIM cards that work with the iPhone 5, as a way to bring Apple customers over to the network – unofficially though it may be.

CNET reports that even without the contribution of T-Mobile, sales of the iPhone 5 will still thrive, with shipments in the first quarter of next year surpassing those of the current quarter. However, Nick Delfas sees a deal with T-Mobile as “another possible catalyst” towards higher sales.

Will the bridesmaid become the bride? T-Mobile USA is certainly doing everything in their power to make it happen.

– Anthony Carter

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