Taiwanese Bitcoin ATM Installation Bites The Dust, FSC Nixes It

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Posted 4 years ago


Taiwanese Bitcoin ATM Installation Bites The Dust, FSC Nixes ItThe popularity of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in Asia has come down the pike to be well-liked, as a concept, by the general population and derided by the governments. That has been the trend, so far.

Many Asian governments have long held staunch decision-making attitudes. Generally, decisions are made in no-nonsense fashion. Whereas in the United States, by comparison, statesmen pontificate, ramble on and bluster in a manner that for-fairness-sake tries to take in public opinion as its main course of action. Not accepting banks or the citizenry to use Bitcoin and not allowing Bitcoin ATMs in Taiwan is based on one, non-elongated, most-decisive point, as Taiwan’s government is not mincing words — it’s bottom line is this: Bitcoin is not a currency.

The Financial Supervisory Commision (FSC) in Taiwan is not permitting Bitcoin ATMs to be installed in their country. The decision was officially published yesterday by their Central News Agency, a state-run news platform.

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