Talon for Twitter Aims to be your Third-Party Twitter App of Choice

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Posted 4 years ago


Talon for Twitter Aims to be your Third-Party Twitter App of ChoiceThird-party Twitter apps are all the rage at the moment. Last year proved to be the best year yet, with both Falcon Pro and Carbon offering up great alternatives to the official Twitter app. Unfortunately, each of these apps is set to reach the 100,000 token limit imposed by Twitter, meaning new users will have to start looking elsewhere for a third-party client. While Twitter’s rules make the list of decent options rather sparse, there are developers out there working hard to fill the void left by those reaching their token limit, and Talon for Twitter is aiming to be the next big thing.

Created by developer Luke Klinker, the man behind the SMS replacement app Sliding Messaging, Talon for Twitter sports a Google+ like interface and takes advantage of the new Android 4.4 KitKat full screen API’s – a clever move that may allow Klinker Apps to attract early adopters of the new OS.

The app offers simple scrolling and easy navigation, as well as a decent list of theme customization options and features, one of which is “Talon Pull” – a service that uses Twitter’s streaming API to ensure the app is “always listening for tweets/interactions.”

Speaking to Droid Life, Luke Klinker said that the initial goal for Talon was to reach the 100,000-user limit, after which he may release another version onto the Play Store or open source it to allow for an additional 100,000 users.

If, like the developer, you would rather worry about the 100,000 limit when the time comes, you can secure yourself a token now by downloading Talon for Twitter for $1.99 from the Google Play Store.

– Anthony Carter


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