Tech-Hounds Snag First Apple iPad Airs

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Posted 4 years ago


Tech-Hounds Snag First Apple iPad AirsAs Apple launched their iPad Air, hungry tech-hound types in the 42 countries where the device was released stood on line to be the first consumers to buy the tablet.

The iPad Air  boasts being 20% thinner overall than the previous model, as well as weighing only one pound. Apple iPhone 5s contain the A7 processing chip and the M7 coprocessor, as the tech-savvy crowd will have realized, which is what is found in the iPad Air.

With Samsung hot on their heels, the Apple company seeks to go beyond the 3 million mark that iPads reached last year, in sales, and top that statistic.

Last year is when the 4th-generation iPad and iPad mini were launched.

Apple has still more to do in the year 2013: Setting their sights even further down the line, as  a new iPad mini with Retina display is due out later this month of November, 2013.

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