Teen Killed After Tracking Down His Missing Smartphone

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Posted 2 years ago


There Are Now More Smartphones Than PCs In BrazilA teen in Canada tried to retrieve his smartphone by tracking its whereabouts and paid the ultimate price for it.

Jeremy Cook, aged 18, left his smartphone in a taxicab over the weekend, which is not exactly an uncommon scenario for people.

Cook used software to track down the location of his smartphone, and made the choice to go after it.

He drove to the location, a parking lot, with his sister at 5 A.M. on Sunday.

Upon arriving, the pair were confronted by three men in a parked car as Cook tried to get his phone back.

The men drove off, and Cook reportedly leapt and grabbed onto the driver side car door.

Police officers arrived on the scene to find Cook dead, apparently as the result of multiple gunshot wounds.

The getaway car was found some blocks away, with the teenager’s stolen phone left within it.

The police are currently on the lookout for the three assailants.

The story is another sad tale of caution for those who utilize tracking apps for their devices to enlist the help of law enforcement instead of trying to get back your stolen property on your own.

Christopher A. Smith


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