Teenaged Facebook Users Can Now Publicly Share Posts

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Posted 4 years ago

Teenaged Facebook Users Can Now Publicly Share PostsFacebook users, aged 13-17 could not share posts as “friends of friends” as users 18 and over as “friends of friends” widely could.

Now, Facebook has seen fit to loosen its rules on letting teenagers share content publicly.

They will be able to make photos and messages available to anyone on the web. Teenaged Facebook users are utilizing startups like Snapchat and the popular Instagram.  (One can imagine they are attracted by Snapchat’s niftiness  in the way that sent photos or messages disappear quickly.) And teens make a chatstorm on the net via activism, civic engagement, their views on popular videos and movies, etc.

The privacy and safety of children and how they interact online has come under much scrutiny.

Twitter Inc lets teens share their short messages widely across their service and along Google+. LinkedIn Corp. (LNKD) whose focus is business, in August, allowed users that were 13 years old to join up. Yet LinkedIn still doesn’t allow some things like profile photographs and birth dates of these young people to be shared widely.

Facebook has been concerned enough with online safety to commence a consumer education program that offers help by giving parents and their teenaged children the ability to tackle their privacy and visibility issues.

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