Temple Run 2 Released On IOS

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Posted 5 years ago

If you own a smartphone, then the chances are a small part of your device’s memory has been set aside for Temple Run. The ultra-popular and insanely addictive game has been downloaded over 170 million times on various operating systems and has become the go-to app for idle fingers.

The sequel to Temple Run has been one of the most eagerly awaited follow-ups to be released on any smartphone and has already stormed to the top of the iTunes chart – just hours after today’s release.

Having come up with such a successful format in the first game, makers Imangi Studios have rightly opted to stick with the same form of having the main characters run, jump and slide along various different landscapes to escape some awful looking temple beasts. The original game was simple, yet brilliantly effective, with users using swipe based gestures and phone titled to navigate the endless temple, and like the old saying goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Temple Run 2 comes with much-improved graphics and a host of new and exciting features, taking it beyond what the first brought to the table. “We’d been focusing all our company’s efforts on Temple Run with updates and new content, but we kinda ran into a barrier,” said Imangi co-founder Keith Shepard in The Guardian.

“The original is an awesome game, for what it was, but we wanted to do some radically different things, and improve the graphics, so we knew we’d have to start afresh. Take a step back and rewrite the game from scratch, taking the lessons on what worked well and what didn’t work so well in Temple Run.”

The new environments of the game are really great, adding some good variation to the gameplay including ziplines, mines and forests, while the character roster has been freshened up with the addition of individual special powers that can your chosen temple runner in his or her mission.

The game is free of charge and relies on in-app payments from users to bring in revenue, with players able to buy coin doublers and power-ups. Only the iOS version is available at the moment, but Android users don’t have to wait long, as video game website Polygon has reported that Temple Run 2 will land in the Google Play Store as early as next week.

– Anthony Carter

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