The Apple Watch Has A Security Issue

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Posted 2 years ago


Reuters Poll Predicts 6 Percent Of Americans Will Buy An Apple WatchIt seems as if all the chatter surrounding the much-ballyhooed release of the Apple Watch will now have some elements of concern after a recent discovery has exposed a vulnerable flaw according to newly released information.

The flaw lies in the passcode feature.

When the watch is removed from the user’s wrist, the device locks to prevent anyone else using it and can only be unlocked by the user.

This stops personal data from being taken, but it doesn’t prevent a robber from resetting the Watch back to factory settings making it brand new and available for resale.

While the watch is meant to be paired with an iPhone, it is curious that Apple didn’t implement their ‘activation lock’ system that’s now a standard feature since iOS 8 within the Watch.

The ‘activation lock’ is essentially a feature that prevents another user with an iTunes account from trying to reactivate the device without the previous owner’s permission.

This came about as a means to combat the uptick in iPhone thefts and resales that had plagued Apple customers in the past few years.

Given the cost of the Apple Watch in comparison to the iPhone, and the fact that there is a gold version available, this piece of wearable tech may soon attract more devious eyes than expected. At last word, Apple had no response to this discovery.

Christopher A. Smith


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