The Benefits of Offering Guest Blogging on your Website

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Posted 4 years ago


The Benefits of Offering Guest Blogging on your WebsiteOver the years, the significance of guest blogging has reached far and wide because it has emerged as one of the most important methods for increasing targeted traffic to your blog.

In this article we will delve into the benefits as well as the requirements of guest blogging. We will also see how easy or tough it is to set up guest blogging on a website. But before that, all we need to know first is the meaning of guest blogging.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a technique where bloggers write and publish posts on other bloggers’ blog or website to increase traffic to that particular site. This technique works in either of two ways. In the first way you can write and post a blog on someone else’s blog and in the second someone else can write and post a blog on your website.

Significance of Guest Blogging

There are three primary reasons which prove the significance of guest blogging for every blogger. Guest blogging is crucial for bloggers who want to create and/or boost their online influence.

  • With guest blogging you can remain connected with other bloggers and build good relationships.
  • Guest blogging is very good for your visibility in search engines.
  • Guest blogging can introduce you to many new communities.

It’s obvious that every blogger needs content. If you can serve as a good guest blogger, you can add value to other bloggers’ blogs. And thereby, build a strong bond with them. This bond with other bloggers will help you grow your influence and will generate more blog subscribers for you.

Moreover, you can also get wide promotion if the host blogger adds a link to your blog in the post. These links will, in the course of time, increase the value of your blog to search engines, thereby making it very easy to find your content via search engine sites.

You can also get a chance to enter any recognized community by means of guest blogging.

Guest blogging is not just a mere concept of writing a blog and posting it on someone else’s blog. There are other important considerations. For instance, it’s very important to see that your guest blog is posted in the right place. Unless, and until your blog reaches the right readers or audience, your blog post will be simply wasted.

You have to ensure the correct placement of your guest blog. For this, you must do a little research first before writing or posting for a blogger. This research will definitely help in the long run.

To ensure the right place for your guest blog, you can just do a simple Google search with the correct keywords, which will get you to the right blogger. You can search for the best sites related to your post where you can submit your post.

And when you finally decide on the site to post your guest blog, you can check and ensure that the site is trust worthy and not spam-ridden.

Keep your post concise and to the point. Create an interesting piece of information with a catchy title and proofread the content after completing it, and before posting.

Benefits of offering Guest Blogging on your website

Guest blogging has numerous benefits. Depending on your market strategy, or the exact need, you can get great benefits using this technique.

The first benefit is definitely related to gaining quality, targeted traffic.

When we post a guest blog, we see to it that the article is posted on a site or blog that has maximum fan following, or a large number of subscribers. We also ensure that the website is reputable, and your informative content reaches quality readers.

Secondly, Guest Blogging will build online influence

The primary benefit that anyone wants to gain from a marketing strategy is to build influence on the web. And for sure, guest blogging gives you that opportunity to build online influence by gaining more subscribers.

The third benefit is related to building search engine authority

Building Search Engine authority is something very important. It’s a fact that Google has its definite rules when it comes to posting content, but Google does value firm back-links. Guest blogging is one such way to get those links and build authority.

Next benefit is about gaining exposure

Guest blogging gives exposure to your product or service. By getting featured repeatedly on someone else’s blog or website, you’ll make your product visible to others, and make them familiar with it. This will give you exposure and build your brand.

Last but not the least, gaining credibility is another benefit

Though it might take a little long to establish your credibility at the blog or website where you post your content, it will definitely come and your expertise will be noticed. The continued posting of your valuable content will make you a subject matter expert on the particular topic that you specialize in. This will slowly build the trust of readers and position you as a thought leader, thereby making them trust your product or service you are marketing.

How to set up Guest Blogging on your website

To get started with guest blogging on your website, you must be sure of a few things. You should consider everything that will gain you the best results of guest blogging on your site or vice-versa.

If you want good guest bloggers to post on your site, you have to make it clear to them what benefits they’re getting and how it will help them in the long run.

Tell your guest bloggers the advantages of posting on your blog or website. This is essential in attracting guest bloggers to post on your site.

The first point to remember is to offer incentives to guest bloggers

If your blog or site is popular and well-known among writers, you won’t have any problem. If you have a good number of followers who religiously follow your blogs and your site, you can easily convince guest bloggers on that point alone. This way the guest blogger will get to promote their content among your followers.

Once you have guest writers, provide them guidelines concerning content

Now that you already have a few guest writers to contribute to your blog, you must offer them the correct guidelines on what type of content, and any other rules they should consider before posting. Without the proper guidelines, you’ll be creating more trouble for yourself after the guest bloggers submit their posts.

Read and Edit content before posting

Always make it a point to proofread and edit content provided by the guest blogger before posting it on your website. If possible, remember to link the content to other posts that are relevant to your website.

When posting is done, it’s time for some promotion

As soon as content is posted to the site, it’s time to promote it. You can do so by emailing subscribers, using social media sites, forums and so on. But don’t overdo it.

Once content is posted and promoted, it’s time for analytics.

In this last stage, you must convey to the guest blogger how their blog post is faring and how it’s being accepted by readers and subscribers, by providing analytics. This way you can build a better relationship with your guest bloggers.

The above points are also to be considered if the case is vice versa. That is if you want to write blogs for other websites. In this case too, you must consider the above points towards your favor as a writer and guest blogger.

– Ady Sachdeva


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