The Horror At the Quora

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Posted 4 years ago

The Horror At the QuoraQuora is, in essence, a question and answer, and comments base that is run by renegade ex-Facebook employees who think they have a better way for the already-saturated Q & A rigamarole on the web.

Trumped up by investment yesmen dollars, Quora runs on the misguided belief that 90% of what’s in peoples heads isn’t on the web yet.

Real Life Translation: An exclusive club on a tiny yacht, lost at sea, manned by something straight out of TV situation comedy lore. The kind that lived and flourished in a corny, cutesy, yet compelling way in the 1960’s. In particular, the show Gilligan’s Island.

On Quora there are many gullible and guileless Gilligans, dithering Skippers, moonlighting Millionaires, too many PhD-less Professor brains, and so many faceless MaryAnnes to bore the pants and panties off of us with the recipe for yesterday’s brownie cheese cupcake.

Quora is not the New York Times, or Wikipedia, or

Of course not. But Quora wants YOU!  Uncle Sam or my Aunt Fanny they surely aren’t. Throwaway napkin maybe, but not kin.

Quora turns out to be code red – with it’s unimaginative all red color, with the alphabet letter Q’.

The red flag for the site that is anything but free speech.

– Rich Casale

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